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About Us

UTellUs is a unique, invitation only online research panel. Members have been carefully chosen and are generously rewarded for their time.

Share your thoughts and opinions to influence business executives, elected officials, policy makers and other leaders around the country.

Your voice matters – so decide to help shape your world and impact what is important to you, your family and your friends. The more you participate, the more your opinions are represented in our research and the more rewards you earn. 

You can look forward to receiving between one and five activity invitations and/or communications each month.

We are all excited to hear what you have to say!

The UTellUs panel community is built and managed by Toluna, a technology-based research company. Toluna built the first online panel in 2000 and since then has built over 200 communities for major brands all over the world. Having created over 200 communities, and launching more every month, the Toluna team are experts at building and managing communities that will provide members like you with an engaging and rewarding experience.